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Hello, everyone! Do you know anything about Japan? Ninja? Samurai? Yes, they are famous Japanese culture. And, we hope you will understand Japanese culture more. We introduse Japanese culture which traditional culture, food culture, sub-cuuture and others on this site.

Japanese history
Ninja  Samurai  The Three Great Spears of Japan

Japanese traditional culture
Kabuki  Kyogen  Noh  Rakugo  Sumo  Haiku  Hyakunin-isshu  
Kimono  Yukata  Shogi  Sensu

Mount Fuji  Hot springs  Sento

Japanese food culture
Conveyer belt sushi restaurants  Demae  Instant noodles  Japanese pickled plums  
Natto  Ramen  Rice balls  Steamed red rice  Sukiyaki  Sushi  Tempura  
Awamori  Sake  Shochu  

Japanese seasonal events
New Year
Hatsumōde  Hatsuyume  New Year dishes  New Year monetary gift  
New Year’s party  The offerings rice cake  
Coming-of-Age Day  Setsubun  The Doll festival  Haru-ichiban  
Cherry blossom viewing  Koinobori  Mother’s Day
Rainy season  The start of the mountain-climbing season  The Star Festival  
The start of the sea-bathing season  Mid-summer gift  Fireworks display
Uchimizu  Kakigōri  Obon  

Year-end party  Year-end gift

Juku  Personal seal  Tokonoma  Tatami  Rock-scissors-paper

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