Iwate prefecture

Prefectural capital:Morioka City
Iwate prefecture is boasting the highest production of Abalone, seaweed and hop. And, the oak and quercus acutissima is grown up in vast forest. These wood is processed into charcoal, accounting for 25% of nationwide production volume. In the livestock industry, Maesawa cattle is very famous.

Iwate prefecture’s Wanko Soba is particularly famous. As soon as you finish the first bowlful, a server flings a fresh ball of noodles into the empty bowl with a wild cry and keeps on filling it until you have had enough!

The Northern Fujiwara (Ōshū Fujiwara-shi) ruled the Tōhoku region of Japan during the late Heian period. There is their headquarter in Hiraizumi (modern Hiraizumi Town). Chūson-ji Golden Hall (The Konjiki-dō) in Hiraizumi reflects the former glory. Historic Monuments and Sites of Hiraizumi was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2011.

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