Akita Prefecture

Prefectural capital:Akita City
There are many mountains in Akita Prefecture. In particular, Shirakami-Sanchi of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in northern Akita is famous. The climate is very cold, heavy snow falls in winter. Agricultural production, especially rice cultivation is very developed. The branded rice, “Akita komachi” is very famous.

Namahage that is held in New Year’s Eve night is a well-known traditional Akita’s folklore. The frightfully dressed men, armed with deba knives (albeit wooden fakes) and toting a teoke (“hand pail” made of wood), march in pairs or threes going door-to-door making rounds of peoples’ homes, admonishing children who may be bad behavior, yelling phrases like “Are there any crybabies around?”. By the house master entertain this Namahage, evil spirits in the house will be scare away.

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