Ishikawa Prefecture

Prefectural capital:Kanazawa City
In Edo Period, Ishikawa Prefecture was called Kaga domain. The domain was founded by Maeda clan. Its income was over 1,000,000 koku. Except for the Tokugawa clan, the domain was the richest in the nation. Kanazawa flourished as a castle town of Kaga domain, and has been the largest city in Hokuriku region even now. Many streets preserve the old castle town, old samurai residences, temples and old shops. In particular Kenrokuen is a famous tourist destination.

Mount Haku is also a famous tourist destination, the mountain’s flora and fauna is very diverse. There is Kaga hot-springs district that boasts a history of more than 1300 years in Southern Ishikawa. And the traditional culture such as Kutani ware (Kutani yaki), Wajima and Kaga silk (Kaga yūzen) is also very famous.

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