Kyoto Prefecture

Prefectural capital:Kyoto City
Kyoto was the capital of Japan for over one thousand years, from 794 (Heian-kyo was built) to 1868 (the capital moved to Tokyo). There are many temples, shrines, National Treasures, fine arts and crafts. Kyoto is a great tourist city. Especially Kinkaku-ji (Temple of the Golden Pavilion) is very important, it is one of the “Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto” World Heritage Site. It was founded by the 3rd shogun of the Muromachi shogunate Ashikaga Yoshimitsu who was the patron of Noh theatre.

In addition, in northern Kyoto there is “Amanohashidate” which is one of Japan’s three scenic views. It is a unique natural landscape and the well-known scenic spot since ancient times. And, there are many traditional crafts such as Nishijin, Kiyomizu ware and Kyoto fan.

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