Ehime Prefecture

Prefectural capital:Matsuyama City
Ehime Prefecture is one of the major citrus fruits such as mikan (Japanese citrus), Iyokan and Ponkan producing regions in Japan. It features the cultivation using mountain slopes. And processed citrus fruits products such as juice and jelly have been increasing.

Ehime’s tourist spots are concentrated in Matsuyama City. The Matsuyama Castle’s scale is large, and its preservation state is also good. In addition, one of The Three Ancient Springs, Dōgo Onsen with a history over 3,000 years is very popular. The springs are mentioned in the Man’yōshū (written c. 759). And Natsume Sōseki, Japanese famous novelist of Meiji period described Dōgo Onsen in his popular novel “Botchan”.

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