Kagoshima Prefecture

Prefectural capital:Kagoshima City
In Edo Period, Kagoshima Prefecture was called Satsuma domain. The domain was founded by Shimazu clan. In Bakumatsu (the final years of the Edo period) royalists such as Saigou Takamori and Ookubo Toshimichi took part in the anti-Shogunate movement. And Saigou had strengthened cooperation with Chōshū domain (Satsuma- Chōshū Alliance). Finally Tokugawa shogunate was successfully overthrown, and the New Meiji government was established by Chōshū and Satsuma domains.

Sakurajima is an active composite volcano and the symbol of Kagoshima. There are also many hot springs. Kagoshima Prefecture is one of the major crop producing regions in Japan, being the top domestic producer of sweet potato called “Satuma-imo” and sweet potato shochu.

In addition, Yakushima of the World Heritage Site is very popular. There are many tourists that visit Jōmon Sugi that is oldest and largest trees. Estimated tree’s age is between 4000 years and 6000 years old.

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